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Expressive work 
The artist's first love is her abstract expressive work. The realistic sculptures,  both human and animal,  are studies which form the well of information from which she draws her inspiration when expressing her emotions in form in space.

'Dance of Life' 'Dance of Life panel'

'Adam & Eve' 'Standing Torso'

'Rising Man' 'Running Bushman'

'Fertillity Doll' 'Reclining Female Torso'

'Beastman' 'Jackal figure'

'Greek Dancers' 'Farewell'

'Culprit' 'Birdman'

'Mother & child' 'Father & Son'

'Guinea-fowl-woman' 'Ruler'

'Horse & Rider I' 'Calisthenics'

'Genesis II' 'Couple'
'Trapeze artiste IV' 'Reclining Torso'
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