quin logo sculpture The Hunt 

The Hunt is a series of bronze sculptures created over a period of eight years 1991 to 1999. I do not want to prescribe to the viewer what to see or experience, but I have tried to express  the horror I feel for man's inhumanity to his fellow man, compounded with the wanton destruction of our environment in the name of development, greed, power and self gratification.

Initially I did not set out with any preconceived ideas or themes. I followed my creative instinct until I had reached an indefinable moment when the central theme of what I was doing gradually begun to emerge and manifest itself. From that point onwards I was lead intuitively to the completion of the series.

'Bushman' 'Hunter'

'Chase I' 'Chase II'

'Hunted' 'Kill'

'Pieta' 'Grief'

'Remorse' 'Devastation'

'Supplication' 'Ultimate Sacrifice'
A booklet entitled 'The Hunt' is available on request
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