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"Portraiture poses special challenges. You must be accurate but not to the point of sterile perfection. The trick is to catch the soul of the person behind the mask. At the same time it must be a sound sculptural composition in space in its own right - by this I mean, that even if you don't know who the subject is, you'll still say "wow what a sculpture".

'Margaret Bakkes' 'Artist's Muse'

'Behki' 'Mandela'

'Gordon Mulholland' 'Natasha'

'Nomentjie' 'Benedicta'

'Xhosa woman' 'Ida'

'Ray Alexander' 'Johnny'

'Madela and Child' 'Memories'

'Matanzima' 'Mandela'

'Jack Nicklaus' 'Charlotte'
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