Maureen Quin

– Master Sculptor –

Decades of Sculptural Excellence

About Maureen Quin

Maureen Quin is a deeply passionate and emotionally engaged sculptor. South Africa is richer for the insightful and thematically relevant quality of her bronze sculptures.

Her sculptures are alive with volumes and eloquent voids; her sculptures are visually challenging and harmonious – the bronze sculptures beg pondering, which is precisely what Maureen Quin wishes the public to do.


Browse through some of Maureen’s best work and commissions over the last few decades.

Abstract Expressive

Post Paris

The Hunt


Ballet Dancers





The Quin Book

Maureen Quin: Sixty Years of Excellence

In 2014 Maureen Quin celebrates 60 years as a professional sculptress. This book reveals and discusses her development, her tenacity and passion. 

The happiness we all yearn for does not depend on circumstance – it depends on your inner self. Therefor our struggle for freedom is not from oppression of man but from the oppression of our own petty jealousies and materialism.” ~ Maureen Quin.


Quin Sculpture garden

Alexandria Eastern Cape

The garden boasts a collection of more than 100 sculptures, paintings and sketches on view.

Enjoy as many cups of tea/coffee/lemon syrup as you like under the jacaranda tree.