Maureen Quin

– Master Sculptor –

Decades of Sculptural Excellence


A young girl, a symbol of peace and all that is vulnerable, offering a weapon, a symbol of trauma, disruption and war. This is an incredibly, simple, powerfully straightforward bronze sculpture. The innocent child offering a rifle as a sign of peace. The interpretation of the simplicity of the action of handing over a rifle/a gun to an unseen recipient is powerful. The girl is quite humble in her stance with her arms at her side, her face cute, unassuming and unemotional. The arms/weapon she is presenting, the symbol of war, is also a symbol of unspeakable horror, trauma, and pain; physical and emotional. The weapon is power, aggression, invasion. In reality we are subject to waging war of all kinds, against crime, drugs, religious fanatics, greed, familial abuse.

Year: 2007
Edition: 10
Medium: Bronze
Size: H 450 x W 145 x L 180 mm