Maureen Quin

– Master Sculptor –

Decades of Sculptural Excellence

Dice Player

The bronze figure sits on the ground, relaxed but attent, contemplating the next move.

Year: 1988
Edition: 2
Medium: Bronze
Size: H 360 x W 260 x L 540 mm
Base Size: H 75 x W 320 x L 610 mm



Post Paris

“It may have been expected that after her stay at the Cite des Arts in Paris, 1987, Maureen Quin would work in the manner of the Grand Master of Western tradition, Rodin. Instead, Maureen Quin discovered her African roots; her bronze sculptures became savage, shocking, even crude in its strong attenuations and harsh contrast of forms. The figures are part human – part insect. There is no dividing line between man and nature. And it is the harsh nature that is Africa” Deon Lemmer.